Dv8 top 20 songs


Dv8 biography

This name covers at least 4 artists. 1) One of the DV8s is Roger Sanchez's who put out deep house productions under this guise. 2) Another is a rock band formed in 1980 in Newcastle, Australia. They were one of Newcastle's biggest bands until 1988, then took a decade off before returning in 2000 to re-record their greatest hits. Their official website is at http://dv8ozrock.com. Albums include Darby Street Blues and Stab in the Dark. 3) A dutch MC, who sings the lyrics for different hardstyle-DJ's. Best known for his version of 'Nothing else matters' in coöperation with DJ Zany. 4) An early Chicago punk band, who only recorded one 7", "Guns on the Right" before breaking up. Notable for featuring a young Eric Spizer, future drummer for Naked Raygun. 5) Japanese jungle act related to サイケアウツ 6) A dubstep producer from the UK. On mutated sounds. Synikal alter ego

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