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There are at least three artists named DVA 1. Czech band DVA Cabaret - circus - beatbox - tango - bizarre soundtrack - acoustic electro - electro acoustic in two layers cover. Lyrics in foreign language. Dva means 2. She – singing, saxophone, clarinet, melodica, child piano, monchichi. He – singing, guitar, snarling, kitchen beatbox. Concerts are often accompanied by live meotar projection of the project 2m www.2dva.cz 2. DVA (pronounced de-vah, Macedonian for "two") are also Tunji Beier & Linsey Pollak from Australia. They play world music and have a collaboration album coming up with contemporary jazz trio Trichotomy. DVA (Australia )website 3. If you're looking for Scratcha DVA... go to Scratcha DVA profile

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