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Dvar biography

The members of Dvar have kept their identities secret, so little is known of their formation. In an interview they stated that "Dvar is something that came in a dream". Band members claim to have heard music in their dreams. The music was presented to them by a creature named Dvar, which took the shape of a giant bee. All of the band's music is devoted to Dvar and directly inspired by him. The members of the band do not claim to write the music themselves (which comes from Dvar), but to serve as messengers. Lyrics, according to them, are performed in the Enochian language. Despite their electronic sound, Dvar are more known as gothic/darkwave artists because of all the hype in the beginning of their career. Listeners of their first work pointed out that terrible things happened to the ones who has listened to their music. Their earlier works are darker and reminding you more of black metal, later works are something like music of fantasy book heroes gone crazy. They are known to have remixed Caprice's song Waltz. They also collaborated on Caprice's album "Kywitt! Kywitt!", in the bonus track "Fae Fae Fae Fae Fae Fae Fae".

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