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DVBBS and Bourgeous teamed up to make the hard hitting, storm brewing song “Tsunami”. This hard hitting track has all the makings of a get up and dance mix that every festival needs so it is no wonder the beat was the #1 played song at Tomorrowland and Ultra Croatia while also being featured in Billboard/Rolling Stone Magazine. The song starts off with just a simple beat pattern, like any storm would, very calm before the crashing melodies of thunder drums and intense flashing of electric lightening. And finally, the water comes in the form of strong pounding beats and loud rushing waves of everything new school hard house. One this is for certain, this is one tsunami I would not mind being in the middle of, dance on you crazy storm you. From: http://www.themusicninja.com/banger-dvbbs-borgeous-tsunami-original-mix/ ------ "Tsunami" é o nome do mais novo single do DJ e produtor americano de música eletrônica Borgeous, um nome novo no mundo da dance music. O americano vem acompanhado de outro nome ainda não conhecido nas pistas de dança, a dupla de música eletrônica DVBBS. "Tsunami" possui poucos vocais, mas conta com uma parte instrumental bem marcante, que deve garantir o seu sucesso. Leia mais: http://www.dancehitz.com.br/dvbbs-and-borgeous-tsunami/#ixzz2d07SETl7 From: http://www.dancehitz.com.br/dvbbs-and-borgeous-tsunami/

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