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Please note there are at least four artists referred to as DVS: 1) a UK rapper from Brixton, London. 2) a UK-Ukrainian Rock band formed in 2005. 3) a Seattle rapper/producer. 4) a New York City rapper, co-founder of Overthrow Entertainment. To follow the UK-Ukrainian internationally acclaimed rock band please follow all links to their officially used name of Death Valley Screamers. http://www.deathvalleyscreamers.co.uk Thank you ************** ************** 2004 "It's Only The Beginning" Hi Yella Brothas DvS and Tony Lacy www.ctoentertainment.com 2006 "Every Aspect" Every Aspect Big Maine, A.Dub, DvS www.doubleastudios.com 2007 "Livin' Rhymes, Dyin' Times the E.P." Every Aspect 2008 "Chrysto's V.i.P.i.M.P" DvS featuring A.Dub, Dayo, Mr. 313 www.myspace.com/doubleastudios "The Engineer Vol. 1 the Mixtape" A.Dub featuring various artists Most recently worked withA.DubTheEngineer Find more about DVS @ www.DoubleAStudios.com

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