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E-funk biography

E-FUNK was born out of the house parties of Philadelphia and performed it's first show as a trio in April 2009 at The Mile High Club, followed by an appearance at Mill Creek Tavern the following month. Today E-FUNK'S PHILTHY BEATZ Electronic Dance Parties at The Millcreek Tavern are the place to be on a Friday Nights in Philadelphia to dance and have a great time. 2010 has brought great success and recogition to E-FUNK. They headlined a packed M ROOM in Fishtown, North Philly at the end of January. They were joined onstage at the M ROOM by Jedd Bueller on bass as well as Jeremy Worthington. The future holds great things for E-FUNK as more and more people hear their amazing original music. Lance Bembry on Keys, now makes E-FUNK a quartet. Mark Watson on Drums, Tom Nelson on Drums, Lance Bembry on Keys and Steve Urban on Guitar & Vocals.

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