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E-noid biography

There are two artists under E-Noid... At first it's a hardcore DJ. E-Noid started deejaying in 1991 at a local house party he played as DJ Dione for the first time. The name Dione is related to the greek god Dionyssos the god is the god alcohol and parties. He started playing and producing for ID&T in the mid 90's and played all over the world since then. Now he is an exclusive artist for DNA Tracks, Megarave Records and T.I.T. Records (producing as S.R.B. on This Is Terror) and he is still in love with his bottle of Bacardi. E-Noid is the darker side of Dione, as soon as he enters the studio as E-Noid his appearance changes. He turns into a mad musical scientist on a guest for the darker sounds of today. The sound of E-Noid is the rough side of hardcore no commercial shit just plain hardcore mayhem. On Megarave Records and DNA Tracks the master of the underground noise shows what he is made of... Secondly it's a Swiss black metal project actually called Enoid, but the last.fm system scrobbles it as the same. It's a project formerly known as Organ trails. Created by Bornyhake. A man known from several grind and black metal bands, such as Gerbophilia, Cakewet and Borgne, Krigar. All of them from Switzerland. Enoid released two albums so far - Livssyklus (2006) and Dodssyklus (2007)

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