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Earlene Bentley is a Soul, Pop, Hi-NRG and Dance singer who is best known for such Hi-NRG hit songs as "Stop That Man", "Stargazing", "Caught In The Act", "I'm Living My Life" and "The Boys Come To Town." Bentley also sang on the "Ashes To Ashes" on the compilation, "Northern Soul 2007." In 1986, Earlene recorded HI-NRG chart hits "Don't Delay" & the No1 Eurobeat hit "I got you Covered" which came out in 1987. Prior to this she released the fantastic mid tempo soul track "Point of No Return" for Champion records. She also released a cool version of "Let the night take the Blame" on Rise Records in 1986. In later years, Earlene contributed her vocal talents to productions by Almighty Records, such as the storming hitS " YMCA" & "Baby Don't Cha leave me this way" under the name "Royal T". Earlene is an accomplished singer and actress who has appeared in numerous films and West End shows.

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