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Also known as The Doctor Early B was an early dancehall reggae deejay whose lyrics had a cultural bent, noted mainly in his hits "Visit of King Selassie", "History of Jamaica" and "Wheely Wheely", the latter an ode to bicycle-riding in Jamaica. Earlando Neil aka Early B began his career in the early 1980's deejaying exclusively for Killamanjaro sound system alongside his sparring partner Super Cat, whom he brought to the sound at a young age (and was originally known as Cat-A-Rock). Early B was a noted lyricist, possibly the best of the early-to-mid '80s dancehall era. Early performed throughtout the US & England, as well as Jamaica, until 1994, when he was gunned down at a Jah Love Musik dance at Windsor Cricket Club in Boston, alongside Rasta deejay Brigadier Jerry.

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