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EARLYTOBED was founded on Hammarö, Sweden in the summer of 2005. Ole, Fredrik, Jonas, Dan (first bass-player) and Marcus started the band via shattered previous music-constellations. ETB was born. With the first ever self-entitled, self-released EP (2005), including first versions of songs such as "Without You" and "Obsolete", things took a good start. ETB got out to play a bunch of local shows and after a while some of the major summer-festivals in Sweden got in touch and got the band over to play. In 2006 the band decided to create another EP. Time turns fast when you put all you've got in to it and the 2nd EP was written. 2nd bassist Björn a.k.a. "BJ" replaced Dan just before the scheduled studio-time. "I'll chase the ache away" (2007) included the hit-song "Falling Down" and got the band a managament-deal. Bad Taste Records signed the band up and the band somehow got real. The musical climate in Sweden at the time was a bit restricted. ETB got their fair share of good gigs, but they felt that a change of surroundings was desperately needed. Moving collectively to Göteborg, Sweden took things a step further. Months flew by and the band got in the studio to record their first full-length. BJ got out, current bass-man Nils Holm joined in. The album, which was totally self-financed, was an album built on chance and hope. ETB took a leap, without a record-deal. Fortunately, Howling Bull Records (Japan) had their eyes open for ETB and signed the band to release their debut-album "The Phantomime". The two yet un-official EPs was melted down to one, the official release; "The Mime EP". It was released worldwide in 2009, digitally, via Itunes. "The Mime Ep" contains the song "Microphobia", opening track of "The Phantomime". The band has never been more exited, energetic and hungry. ETBs debut-album is released on January 13th 2010 in Japan. Rest of the world? Just you wait. Line-up: Ole - Vocals Marcus - Guitar Jonas - Guitar Nils - Bass Dallen - drums Former members : Dan - Bass Björn - Bass Or: Early to Bed is a cross-atlantic collaboration between Meagan (Wisdom Tooth) and Henry (Me and the Horse I Rode In On). Meagan lives in the USA. Henry lives in Denmark. Together they make sounds. Henry and Megan have never met and found each other on the Internet- they have been collaborating ever since. In Megan’s words: “I know how to write songs but I can’t lay down a solid instrumental track for the life of me, which is where Henry comes in. He listens to the songs I send him, feels them out, and then translates them into something more polished and eloquent; something that articulates better what the original versions are clumsily trying to communicate.”

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