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Formed in 2005 by Tom Hart, Adam Manuel (Pigs In Zen). And Nick Stacey (The Reverbs). All right, all right, that's enough of these guys. There is another group around and it's way older procect then the one above. Now I'm talking about EARTH AFFAIR that Gunnlaugur Briem (aka: GULLI BRIEM) putted together way back in 2001 or earlier, while he lived in England. EARTH AFFAIR is Gulli's solo project. The first CD was simply named "EARTH" and came on the market back in 2001. The following list is who were the ones who showed up for sessions. Wolfgang Haffner - 2nd drums on "Little One" Kevin Armstrong - Guitars Eythor Gunnarsson - Keyboards Phil "Soul" - Bass Fridrik Karlsson - Guitars Corrina Sylvester - Percussion Louis Jardim - Percussion Oskar Gudjonsson - Tenor & Soprano Saxes Phil Mulford - Bass Rod Beale - Keyboards Johann Asmundsson - Bass Janie Price - Cello Sid Johannsson - Programming Samuel Jon Samuelsson - Trumbone Kjartan Hakonarson - Trumpet Eyjolfur - Thorleifsson - Tenor Sax Phil Todd - Tenor Sax Chris White - Alto Sax Stuart Brooks - and GUNNLAUGUR BRIEM (Gulli Briem) - DRUMS, keyboards, programming, producer and sound editings. This CD was recorded at various sound studios in England (London and suroundings) Though I believe Gulli has done lot of the programings and editings at his "ProTools" home studio. Originally came Gulli from that fairly well known Jazz/Fusion rock band "Mezzoforte" and in the list of musicians are all members of Mezzoforte (Eythor, Johann, Frikki Karls among players. Well that was some basic infos for that first (Earth Affair)group that Gulli essambled. So for any further informations I recomend the following URL's addresses:

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