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Earth Wheel - Sky Band has successfully performed at many international music festivals and on concerts, notably new music festival "Interzone 2001", "Dombos Festival", Roma Music Festival Budapest", "Pepsi Sziget", Budapest. Tours: Japan, Germany, France, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. Earth Wheel - Sky Band, engaged in the type of music known as world music, express the true values of Roma cultural heritage incarnated in the long tradition of Roma world-class musicians. Therefore, they do not reflect stereotypes such as those of a shabby bar musician, a culture center, as well as well-known, widespread prejudices about Roma people. Olah Vince The promotion and (ab)use of the Roman culture has becomea major trend in the world in the last few years. The irony of the historic moment has proven itself explicit this way: the people that represent the symbol of a-historic principle have come into focus of attention at the exact time when the unstoppable historic (technological/economic) progress got out of hand. You can draw conclusion yourself... Vince Olah, the living legend of the Novi Sad music scene, has dedicated his whole life to the cultural, social and political emancipation of the Romany people. The project RROMA ART is an attempt to find a unique matrix in the vast range of Romany music which will make its creators, who have been discriminated and spread all over the world, awere of their Romany identity. Trust your heart, at least for a moment, for we are all Romany at heart... Boris Kovač.

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