Earthquake top 20 songs


Earthquake biography

1) Hardcore Band from Syracuse, New York. Released a demo tape/7" on Triple Attack Records, a split 7" with Gak Attack! on Triple B Records and the "Breaking Out" record on Spec 32 Records. WYLD! 2) Trash Metal band from Sweden, formed in 1991. Released two full-length albums on the Eurorecords (SE) label: In 1991 "The Thruth" (misspelled on purpose?) and in 1993 "Theatricals." 3) Hip Hop artist from Maryland 4) Earth Quake was an American rock and power pop band, formed in the San Francisco area in 1966 in Berkeley, California they enjoyed popularity in the Seventies, John Doukas (deceased) lead vocals, Robbie Dunbar (brother of Aynsley Dunbar-Journey drummer) lead guitar, Stan Miller bass guitar, Steve Nelson drums, and Gary Phillips guitar...John Doukas is credited with forming the first recognized independant record label called Beserkeley of their more popular albums was: "Rocking The World (Beserkley, 1975)"

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