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Earthsuit biography

Earthsuit was an eclectic Christian rock band originating from New Orleans, Louisiana in the late 90’s. Members were guitarist Dave Rumsey, keyboardist/vocalist Paul Meany, bassist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas, drummer David Hutchison, and vocalist Adam LaClave. Additional musicians included Adam Wirdzek and Darren King, who both filled in on drums after David Hutchison left the group. Genuinely appreciated by their fans, they were known for music with a distinct arrangement style drawing from rock, rap (they often used a melodic-chorus/rap-verse pattern), funk, jazz, electronica, and sampling-based production. Reggae was also a very heavy influence, rhythmically and vocally. This unique blend was virtually nonexistent elsewhere. Earthsuit only had one label release: Kaleidoscope Superior (2000). Two prior demo EPs contained early versions of some of Kaleidoscope Superior's songs, some unreleased songs, and a live medley including a cover of "Killing Me Softly". Their final album, The Rise of Modern Simulation (2003) was released after the band had already dissolved. It was available for a short time to be purchased directly from the band's website. This collection features five original studio songs, as well as 11 bonus tracks including a live remix of The Kaleidoscope Superior track “Against the Grain” and practice sessions of some of their concert material (such as the “Said the Sun To the Shine” Kraftwerk medley, an outro medley, and a cover of the Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime"). It also features several concert videos and Live Recordings from a Concert (at the in Frauenfeld. Members Paul Meany, Roy Mitchell, and Darren King are now in the band Mute Math, which has experienced success in the mainstream market. Adam LaClave went on to form the bands Macrosick and Club of the Sons, and has most recently recorded as a solo artist under the moniker Charlie Blacksmoke.

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