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Eastclubbers is a house group formed in 2003. Popularity in Poland made it possible for the first Eastclubbers album ‘‘E-Quality‘‘ to be born. In 2007 the band signed to Camey Records that released their widely acclaimed second album “Never Enough” which includes hits such as “Sextasy“ and “Make Me Live“. Sextasy gained massive poplarity in Europe for instance in Norway and made the group extremly popular on Norwegian club scene. Eastclubbers played as Avicii’s main support at Tryvann in Oslo. The duo has also made many buss songs for Norwegian Russ, most of them hit the top charts at biggest Norwagian radio stations. Eastclubbers along with BBK just released a new single “Don’t give up”, which is: “Moving on up” M-People’s remix. It is worth to mention that Easclubbers are the first group that got a worldwide agreement to remix this song. East Clubbers is a house group from Poland, composed of Piotr Kwiatkowski (a.k.a. Silvermine) and Paweł Gawlik (a.k.a. Max Lade). They come from two different worlds - club music and punkrock. It seems so distant but at their concerts, you can feel the power of this combination. The duo was working with one of the best Polish producer‘s Janardana also with Kate Lesing, BBK and Black Dada. East Clubbers has many hits across the globe, such as: "Drop", ‘‘Sextasy", ‘‘Walk Alone", "Beat is Coming", "Crazy Right Now", "It's a Dream", "Make Me Live" and "Sexplosion". Their trademark style is combined with progressive house and dance sound, adding an electro twist every now and then.

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