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DISCLAIMER Eastern Front are a non-political band nor do they promote any type of government/organisation. Eastern Front lyrics are based on the history of war and its battles and have been written in memory and to honour the fallen soldiers of war. "Through our music we hope that people will be reminded of their forefathers who lived in less fortunate times. If that opens up discussion, contemplation and further study into the history of war, we would feel we have done a small part to help honour the fallen soldiers of war." -Eastern Front- ORDER THE DEBUT ALBUM "BLOOD ON SNOW" NOW FROM PLASTICHEAD: http://www.plastichead.com/catalogue.asp?ex=fitem&verb=F&target=CANDLE322CD Eastern Front - Blood on Snow Album Reviews: Power Play Magazine (UK) - 9/10 Pavillon666.fr (France) - 9/10 PowerofMetal.dk (Denmark) - 9/10 Ice-vajal.com (UK) - 9/10 Steroinvaders.com (Italy) - 9/10 Musikuniverse.net (France) - 8.7/10 Terrorizer Magazine (UK) - 8.5/10 Legacy Magazine (Germany) - 13/15 Twilight-magazin.de (Germany) - 13/15 Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK) - 4.5/6 Thrashhits.com (UK) - 4.5/6 Metal.de (Germany) - 8/10 Mega-Metal.de (Germany) - 8/10

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