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Eddy Wata is a Nigerian dance music artist probably best known for his 2004 single "Jam". He was born to a Nigerian mother and Jamaican father and began to play with a battery-operated keyboard at a very young age. At the age of 18, he decided to live in Jamaica for four years, where he was met artists that contributed to his love of reggae. Upon returning to Nigeria, he formed a band, and following numerous television appearances, he made a trip to Europe in 2001. There in the Netherlands, he was acquainted with the producers Longoni and Groff. After a live concert, his new producers took him to Italy, where he met several artists and DJs. In the Autumn of 2003, Wata and his producers decided to profit from his music, and success followed the 2004 release of "Jam". He also collaborated with Italian DJ Gabry Ponte in his song "A Silvia", in which Wata provided reggae-like English vocals.

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