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EDITH BACKLUND writes songs about women with seduction in their eyes and daggers in their purses. About fallen war-heroes and her fear of dying. Her new album “Death by Honey” was released in Sweden on April 6 2008. “Death by Honey” was produced and recorded by Pär Wiksten of The Wannadies. He has also been involved in the writing process. Edith Backlund was still a teenager when “You and Me-Song” owned the charts back in the 90’s. Needless to say, Pär Wiksten and The Wannadies were the it-band. Had Edith known back then that she would one day be recording an album with the man whose voice she’d been listening to for hours at end, she would not have believed it. Edith and Pär first met over coffee, a meeting arranged by a mutual friend. They decided to write a few songs together, just for the hell of it. Before they knew what hit them, a year had passed. Ten new songs are now ready to strike the world with amazement. From her Myspace

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