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Edu K presents his newest musical effort, the "Frenétiko" album. It's the next level of Edu Ks musical vision in fusing a multitude of highly energetic musical styles into a big new sound. Call it baile punk, samba reggaeton or electro punk funk – Edu K's "Frenétiko" album is Brazil’s new millenium answer to the post local, post genre musical era we live in. It's a high energy mash up of kick ass music that is fresh and unique. Take "Funkeiro C.B." which includes hardrock riffs, percussive electronic beats and the ecstatic MC shouting of Edu K and his brother and Co-MC Chilli Willi. Or "Faz Que EU Gosto", where the electronic and melodic Edu K songwriting shines through. "Hot Mama" adds Cuban flavours to the booty bass. And "Sexxxy" starts as a reggaeton track and then speeds up seamlessly into an electro funk tune. Last but not least there's the rocking "Gatas Gatas Gatas", the bass slapping "Da Punk Funk" and of course "Popozuda Rock n´Roll". You won't find another Brazilian album sounding so fresh in 2006. Edu K – baile funking, reaggetoning, punk rocking around the world! Watch out for live gigs!

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