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El Cuervo de Poe is a band that was born in may 2004 with Oscar Muro at drums and Vicente Marquez at lead guitar. After some major alignment changes, the band consolidated itself in 2006 with David Martinez at bass guitar, Jerrel Keneth at violin and Julia Gaos as our frontwoman. El Cuervo de Poe's discography has a demo cd recorded in 2005. El Cuervo has participated in several events with bands such as: Cruz de Hierro (Gdl), La Casa Usher (Spain), Kinetic (Chiapas), etc. and won the first place at Tokin Record's anual battle of bands in 2006. The band´s debut album was released as an independent album into the market by june 2007, being entitled “Vox Corvus: La Voz del Cuervo “ (Vox Corvus: The Raven´s voice) only in Mexico, however, thanks to the internet, the album was downloaded in several countries around the globe, such as Colombia, Venezuela, U.S. among others. At the beginning of 2008, the band signs with Records Label “Renaissance Records” from Arizona, U.S., re-editing the material and putting it available for download as digital sales. In this very same year, Julia Gaos´career with the band comes to an end, as the female lead singer leaves the band. And in 2009 they record two songs as DEMO with the current and definitive female frontwoman Brenda Gaviño, previous to the band´s 2nd full-length album planned for 2010. Also within this year, Richie Part takes part as a band member and in December 4, they share stage with the dutch band Epica, in the “Teatro Estudio Cavaret” in Guadalajara. By January, 2010 the band was nominated in the category “Best band with lyrics in Spanish” for the Female Metal Awardsand and also return Ernesto Martinez to play the violin (he is who recorded the violin in our first demo). Currently, the band is getting prepared to enter the studio to record their 2nd official full-length album and head off to tour in several countries in South America.

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