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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Element is a technical death metal band from USA. They formed in 2004 and have released their debut full-length album "Aeons Past" in January 2007 on Brutal Bands. 2) Element were a 4-piece post hardcore/emo band from Northern Ireland. The track 'Wake From This' was featured on the third Deep Elm 'This Is Indie Rock' compilation. They are now a 3-piece band called In Case Of Fire. 3) Element is a pop band from Indonesia. 4) Element is 60's psychedelic rock band. 5) Element is an experimental indie band from England. 6) Element is a Hardcore band from Germany. 7) Element (aka Element Everest) is a solo hip hop artist and member of the Milwaukee (USA) hip hop group Black Elephant. 8) Element is a Death Metal band from Poland. They formed in 2000 and have released two full length albums the lastest of which called "Cybernetic Human" in 2007. 9) Element is a turkish rock group who just released their album "Cehennem (hell)" 10) Element is a german psytrance project by Dieter Gerbe and Marc Engemann 11) Element is a metal band from France. Their last album is "Nos Corps Perdus" 12) Element is also a rapper from the Los Angeles group Custom Made. 13) Element is also a rap duo from Estonia, consisting of Stupid F & Hash (formerly known just as Stupid F & Hash). 14) Element is a darkwave goth group from Torrance, CA USA 15) Element was an Oklahoma metal band who released an album entitled Five in 2001. 16) Element is a modern rock band from Dayton, Ohio who released their debut EP, "SIX- PAK" in january of 2005. 17) Element was a band on Tooth & Nail Records who had two albums under the name "Element 101." 18) Element is a brazillian electronic music project, by the music producer and live artist Marco Lisa, best known as Element. 19) Element is Giancarlo Colombano. Born in Caracas (Venezuela) in 1981, he lives in Madrid city center since 2004. Influenced by the London Acid techno of the 90s and the Slovenian and German hard techno of labels like Abstract, Compressed, Cardiac Arrest,Cannibal Society etc, he has been spending the last 5 years completely submerged in Schranz and in some of his sessions it is possible to notice his love for hip-hop, where he takes every possible beat to create unique and genuine remixes.His beginnings were in rave parties, like most of the DJs, and in some clubs of Caracas like Shadow and Nagasake. Power, technique and agility describe Giancarlo Colombano music productions. His mixes look for musical versatility, creating very dynamical sessions, with powerful sounds and a lot of energy.He is founder of Subversive Sound collective, he took part to labels like Double Sense Records and he is an active member of the Old Skull Collective, one of the most important groups of hard techno music producers in Caracas.In 2005, with a more mature view on electronic music, he started to devote more effort both to production and mixes, and decided to enter SAE Institute Madrid to study audio (Music Producer Electronic). He currently keeps himself in the Madrid underground and goes on composing his own tracks for several labels to continue to grow in his career as a music producer.

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