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Elpa is a legendary Latvian progressive rock band from Daugavpils, Latvia formed in year 1983 by their bass guitar player Valdis Rundzāns. During the Soviet Union's times they have played in Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. Also they have won some prestige regional awards or music nominations. They split up in year 1995 after tragic death of Jānis Logins - Elpa vocal, key boards and composer. They reunite in year 2008 and dedicate all their forward musical action to the love and memory of Jānis Logins. In year 2009 Elpa have recorded their first studio recorded by current lineup called "Spītā pacelties" - song written by Jānis Logins and Arvīds Skalbe. Current lineup consist of: Jānis Gudrinieks - vocal Valērijs Niķitins - guitar Valdis Rundzāns - bass guitar Māris Elksnis - key boards / vocal Ivars Caune - key boards Juris Čekušins - percussion Andrejs Proščenko - drums Previous members: Jānis Logins - key boards / vocal Anita Purene - vocal Artūrs Pribilovs - guitar Aivars Jansons - guitar Arkādijs Ērenburgs - drums Vilnis Krieviņš - drums More information: www.draugiem.lv/music/musician.php?mid=55973 www.m-saule.lv/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=567

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