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Elroy biography

Elroy may reffer to two artists with the same name: 1. elroy ( band) was formed in 1998. rafael (guitar/vocals), mix (drums), sato (bass) and luana (guitar) recorded their first demo called some kids are clumsy (spicy records). next year the band recorded their second demo called "6 sons a mais" and in 2000 launched a 3 songs 7", featuring the song "saturated". in 2001 luana has left the band, as a trio the band recorded a full length album, but the band has disbaned before it's conclusion . after that rafael and sato created polara. 2. Elroy (born Brian Elroy Mckinley) is an american singer-songwriter based in Denver, Colorado. He has released the EP "Republicans Suck" and the LP "Songs for Karen".

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