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Elu biography

Elu has made the top 20 New Age/Ambient/Electronic play list in Italy and Boston, and is currently being featured on radio programming in Spain, Russia, Sweden and others throughout Europe. Elu continues to make the top 100 playlists on many popular radio stations in the US. Most recently on Audiorealm and loudcity. Elu's releases have reached the top 40 on the internets top music sites such as MP3.com, and IUMA.com, download.com, and Artistlaunch to name a few. Also Featured artist at dmusic, Artistlaunch, download.com and others. Elu's music is available through most major on-line music venders such as Tower Records, Borders, Barnes and Nobel, Yahoo, CD-Baby, iTunes, Napster and others throughout the world. Jeff is a member of BMI and the Recording Academy. Elu is currently in production of a new album. Stay tuned for details and new uploads.

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