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Elucidate biography

Based in the US (SF/Sac), Ken Loi and Sean Beckwith came together in 2005 to produce and remix under the name Elucidate. The duo is known for their unique and recognizable sound, which revolves around songs containing electro and techy elements in their percussion and bass-lines, while also including uplifting trance elements in their pads and leads. Songs such as their well-liked remake of the trance classic “Skydive” have made their production style uniquely recognizable as an Elucidate track. In addition to familiarizing trance fans with their sound, their remix of “Skydive” also achieved support from Ferry Corsten and many other renowned DJ’s, which helped put the Elucidate name on the map of mainstream trance. After releasing “Skydive” and several other remixes and originals in ‘07 and ‘08, Elucidate began to become prolific with their brand of quality trance, releasing close to 20 songs in ‘09 and ‘10 on both indie labels and major labels. Elucidate productions found their way onto major labels like Bonzai, Alter Ego, Ultra, Blackhole and Perfecto, as well as finding success with indie labels like Smu, Neuroscience, Abora, Unearthed, and Amplified. They are currently signed to Paul Oakenfold’s legendary record label Perfecto, affording them the opportunity of being included in Paul Oakenfold’s latest album “Perfecto Las Vegas”. The Oakenfold album was released globally in stores and online, and the increased exposure from the album was a major factor in Elucidate songs also appearing in regular rotation on both U.S. satellite radio providers XM and Sirius, as well as major FM radio stations worldwide. Never the one-sided act, Elucidate is known for seamless mixes in addition to their productions. Elucidate mix sets have generated a devoted following to their series of live recorded DJ sets known as the Lucid Dream Mixes, and also to their monthly radio show. Many Elucidate followers began listening to them through the popular internet-radio giant, Digitally Imported (DI.fm), upon which they have held a long-running residency. Their radio show entitled DIVE, or Deep In Vocal Euphoria, presents newly released trance and vocal trance in a mixed DJ set, with an emphasis on vocal trance, as well as guest mixes of celebrated DJ’s from around the world. DIVE is now in its fourth year on the air, and it has grown to become a highly anticipated popular broadcast on Digitally Imported, as well as one of iTune’s most downloaded podcasts. The studio, however, is not where it ends for Elucidate. They have become well-known for putting on an amazing live show. Blending turntable mixing with production elements, looping and layering songs to create live remixes, creating multiple levels of harmonics in their mixes, while always connecting with the crowd. They manipulate every synthesizer arpeggio to its maximum melodic capacity, adding classical elements into the mix, and extenuating every sound-scape to its fullest. Elucidate can take a crowd to another level, they are incredible to see perform live. Over the past 4 years, the productive producers have released over 30 tracks out of the Elucidate Studio, each one, original or remix, finding success in various capacities for Elucidate. A number of Elucidate songs and remixes received radio support from well-known artists with popular trance mix shows, other Elucidate tracks have been supported in live performances by famed or legendary DJ’s, while still others found success through being chosen to be in regular rotation on radio stations around the globe, and various other Elucidate productions were included in compilation albums and in DJ mix albums being sold in stores world-wide. The Elucidate boys have accomplished in less than 5 years, achievements that take many artists decades. Their meteoric rise however, has done little to change the two, as they stay humble and true to their love of the music and the scene.

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