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Laka, otherwise known as Elvir Laković, is a very popular singer from Goražde, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who has won not only acclaim in his home region but also has a more international following since his appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. Laka combines his music, which he describes as ‘hard pop’ or ‘soft alternative’ with unusual and metaphorical lyrics and uses humour to portray his more serious messages, mainly promoting love and understanding. His sister, Mirela "Lela" Laković, appears as a permanent character in his artwork, videoclips and music. Laka attended a lower music school in Goražde studying the guitar, but he disliked the school's teaching methods and views towards music, preferring to play songs he liked himself. He played folk music in the local cafes for money and formed a rock band called 'Deformacija poreza' with some of his school friends, competing at local festivals and recording the song 'Malo sam se razočar'o' (I got a little disappointed) in 1998, which won second place in a competition the following year. The success of ‘Razočaro’ launched Laka's career nationally and led to a recording contract with the Bosnian State Television. Laka continued to release a new song each year, including 'Vještica' (Witch), and 'Piškila' (You wet yourself), winning over the people of Bosnia with his originality and lack of pretentiousness. In 2002, his song 'Ja sam mor'o' (I had to) won the Bosnia Davorin music award for the best rock song of the year. In 2004, Laka left for New York, where he tried to start a band, but returned to Bosnia, disappointed, after two-and-a-half years and released his first album Zec (Rabbit) in 2007, which was also released in Croatia. Laka represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, with the song ‘Pokušaj’ (Attempt), where he was placed 10th. His theatrical and artistic performance with his sister and co-singer Mirela brought great applause from the audience, and won him many new fans throughout the world. Laka | artist Pokušaj | lyrics Composer(s) Elvir Lakovic Laka Lyrics writer(s) Elvir Lakovic Laka Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Semi-Final (1) Sang in Position: 13 Final Position: 9 Total Points: 72 Eurovision Song Contest 2008 GRAND FINAL Sang in Position: 6 Final Position: 10 Total Points: 110 Elvir Lakovic Laka will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina at the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest. Out of 31 shortlisted songs, a commission selected Laka and his song with Pokušaj. The singer is famous in the Balkans and one of the most popular artists in his home country. He will perform the song together with Mirela. LAKA On that chilly morning when our dear friend Laka was born in Gorazde no one could imagine he would become a popular singer some day. But when they brought him into the room with all the other babies, all the newborns shouted out at the same time...“Hey, there's Laka!“, and there already was a sign that he was going to become someone, easily recognised by something quite specific. He attended the junior school of music in Gorazde playing the guitar, but he avoided solfegio and never followed the curricula as he only liked playing the songs he really liked. He used to play folk music all over Gorazde's coffee places for money, and do rock'n'roll gigs. Laka's first song, Malo Sam Se Razočar'o (Got Disappointed a Bit) recorded in 1998, reached the media in B&H and launched our Laka into the star-lit sky. This was followed by a new song every year. In 2004, our Laka leaves for New York in pursuit of happiness. After 2,5 years he comes back quite disappointed and has his first album released, entitled ZEC (R.A.B.B.I.T.), explaining '"his is where the rabbit hides". He now lives and does not work in Sarajevo, comforting himself that better days are coming…Elvir Laković Laka had the critics and the general public at his original approach and non-pretentiousness. We are talking about a musician that possesses a powerful feeling for the new and different whose time is, beyond any doubt, coming! He came to this world in Gorazde, and now lives in Sarajevo. He says he started singing quite early – at 5 a.m. As he says, he's full of understanding and eczema. The latter, of course, is so not true, but such a manner of personal expression of his is just a reflection of his media style – one for he is often misunderstood. He likes typing, his mother and his songs. With his music, he moved the boundaries of the music production in B&H heavily. The beginning of Laka's music career is linked to the guitar his dad bought him when he just started attending the primary school of music. He first started by copying rock and pop songs, and when he was in high school he founded a band with his friends, called Deformacija poreza (Tax Deformity). Together with his band he played at various local festivals, and won a second place in 1999 with his song Razocaro (Got Disappointed a Bit) thus receiving an offer from TVBiH to shoot a video for the song, resulting in huge success. As early as next year he records a new single entitled Vještica (The Witch) earning him even more popularity. In 2003, he wins the annual B&H Music Award "Davorin" for the best rock song with his song Moro (Had to), and in 2004 he leaves for New York and forms a band that fails to survive...Upon return to Sarajevo, his first CD was released, entitled ZEC, which has just received the album of the year award. The album Zec was released in Croatia, too, under Menart lable. MIRELA When Mirela first opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a nose. Little Laka liked the scent of baby creams, so his nose often hanged above his sister's baby clothes. The next thing Mirela remembers is a small room in a small flat, her big brother and a plain guitar. Laka wants to teach her sing a children's song and tape it. So they sang and taped it, and nothing. He then went somewhere, and Mirela still wanted to sing some more. She started playing the piano and singing in a choir. In the meantime, she went to school, fell in love, loved extravagance, and wanted to become an actress. Knowing there's no other way out, off she went to the big city to the big school of literature. “This is better“, she thought, “I can do my acting anyway…”. So she sings a little, reads and writes a little and loves extravagance. All of a sudden, through no fault of hers, she found herself in the world of business, promotion and advertisement, quick decisions, lots of joy, fears and silliness. The next thing she remembers is a nice room in their flat in the attic, a good friend and roommate – her brother, and a rather decent guitar. Laka wants to teach her his new song, and have all 12 recorded on one cd. So they sang and recorded it, and off they went to Eurovision Song Contest.

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