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Emanuele Errante is an Italian ambient music composer. His music blends acoustic elements and electronic soundscapes. Errante cooperates with the videoartist Mattia Casalegno, with whom he settled up the project Info_Naturae 1.0, an audio/visual performance inspired by Plato's myth of the Cave. Emanuele Errante album Migrations, released by the Canadian label Apegenine Recordings, collects most of the tracks created for the Info_Naturae performance, and includes a video track designed and performed by Mattia Casalegno. In Migrations Ego and Nature join in an unique element generating visionary and evocative plots. The album is the result of the sound research in an interior state free from any artificial conditioning. Particular attention is turned on the sound choice, studied for letting the listener perceive like natural even the more complex electronic alchemies. Emanuele Errante is also the founder of the netlabel OpenLab Records and the creator of NetstockFest, the first netaudio festival completely online whose first edition happened in March 2005 receiving the attention of important medias, among whom the French newspaper Liberation.

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