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There are at least 5 bands that have recorded under the name Ember: 1. Chicago’s EMBER (1994-2000) is a legendary black/thrash thrash band that came from a pure black metal background with their 1995 demo. They released three demos, all three which comprise the Discography, released in 1998 - signaling the demise of Ember, occuring in 2002. Last members were Nader, Alan, Abbas, Chris & Pete (NAACP). The band is remembered as true pioneers of the underground, who, after successful shows, performances at Milwaukee Metalfest and a west-coast tour with Impaled, walked away from being signed to a label to remain true to the aesthetics that perpetuate the underground metal world. RIP. Discography: Within The Realm Of The Snowqueen [Demo] (1995) Chapter II - The Gate… [Demo] (1997) Concession (1998) Concessions & Anthology (Discography) (1998) 2. Ember is a popular acoustic duo based in mid Wales, which has toured extensively in Britain and Europe since 2001. All four of their CDs were recorded in Wales, the latest named “Open All the Doors,” receiving attention from music publications and radio around the globe. Career highlights: played in Samsung marquee for 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Featured on NPR nationally syndicated “Thistle & Shamrock” radio show. Included in Frank Hennessey’s line-up of up-and-coming Welsh bands for live BBC Wales show. The core duo Emily Williams of West Wales and Rebecca Sullivan of Utah, but they also collaborate with Job Verweijen of Netherlands (world percussion) and Jamie Smith of South Wales (accordion). See additional info under Ember songs on this website. Discography: Winejig (2001) Land Under Water (2003) Spark (2005) Open All the Doors (2008) Official websites: www.embersong.com www.myspace.com/embersong 3. Ember was a Czech 90s emo band, featuring members of Lvmen. Releases: One Cell Will Become Two (7", EP), Day After Records, 1995 Seven Samurai (CD, Album), Day After Records, 1997 Just Look Around - Chapter 1 (CD, Album), Tolerance Records, 1999 4. Ember is also the name of a Black Metal/Progressive band from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. 5. Ember is one of the hottest bands to emerge from the live music capital of the world: Austin, Texas. With hook laden, powerful music and an incredible stage show, it’s no wonder that Ember has begun to ignite. Since their inception, Ember has performed across the US including California, New York, Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. They released an independent EP Under Pressure in 2006, produced by Sylvia Massy Shivy (Deftones, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers) at Radiostar studios in Weed, California. Shortly after, Ember signed with The Price Agency under the direction of J. Price. Following that union, the band started to flash all over the radar, playing shows with major mainstream acts such as Blue October, Theory of a Deadman, and Black Stone Cherry. Ember quickly became one of the top requested bands on internet radio and gained endorsements from Rock Revival Jeans, Incredible Ears, Gibson, Mesa Boogie, Sabian, and many others. After becoming a member of Armed Forces Entertainment, Ember scored the main support slot for multi-platinum rock powerhouse Hinder, and was then asked to headline the Fall tour in September of 2009. 6. Ember is a one-man Dark Ambient act from Sidney, Australia. Formed as a black/thrash metal band in 2005, he changed direction in late 2010. He released 3 full-length albums in 2011, as well as an EP.

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