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Embraced biography

There are two bands named Embraced. 1. melodic black metal band from Malmö, Sweden. 2. hardcore band from Panama City, Florida. 1) Embraced were formed in 1993 in Malmö, Sweden. Their style was considered to be melodic black metal with beautiful keyboards, lyrics and emotional harsh vocals. They released two albums, Amorous Anathema (1998) and Within (2000) + one demo - A Journey Into Melancholy (1997). Line-Up Kalle Johansson - Vocals Julius Chmielewski - Keyboards Sven Karlsson - Keyboards Michael Håkansson - Bass Peter Mårdklint - Guitar Davor Tepic - Guitar Thomas Lejon - Drums The band split up in 2000, and reunited in 2004 only to disband again without releasing new material 2) Embraced is a 5-piece band featuring Jared Knetzer (bass/vocals), Jonathan Hoffman (guitar/vocals), Brandon Mullins(vocals), Ryan Burleson (vocals/guitar) and Steven Kopacz (drums/vocals). There are many different genres Embraced could be thrown into, though none would be completely accurate. Embraced plays hardcore, sometimes heavy, sometimes soft, both atmospheric and spacey. Embraced began in the summer of 2000 in the punk/hardcore scene of Panama City, Florida. The current members of the band have played together in one form or another for roughly 5-6 years. Embraced formed due to the desire to make better, more mature music, and that has been the goal of ever since. The main focus of Embraced's music is to constantly push the boundaries of the band's capabilities and skills as individually and as a whole. Embraced released their first album, An Orchestrated Failure, off Theory 8 Records in June of 2002. An Orchestrated Failure is a 7-song ep that reflects the bands heavier "melodic hardcore" sound, and introduces an atmospheric feel as well. In late 2002 Embraced let go of front man, Brandon Mullins and became a 4-piece rock band focusing more on music than breakdowns. Brandon currently fronts Across Five Aprils (Indianola Records). In mid 2003 Embraced decided to call it quits. Jonathan and Steven currently play in Don't Die Cindy. In 2007 the members of Embraced reunited for one final show.

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