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There are six bands with this name: 1) The German-based jazz-rock band Emergency. Czech musician Hanus Berka settled in Munich and formed Emergency at the end of 1970, comprising Udo Lindenberg (drums), Barrie Newby (guitar), Jiro Matousek (keyboards), Otto Bezloja (bass), Dusko Goykovic (trumpet) and Reddy (vocals) - four Czechoslovakians, one German and an Englishman. The band recorded two jazz-rock records with brass arrangements for CBS. 'Emergency' (1971) and in 'Entrance' (1972) with a changed line-up. In the summer of '72 the band split up, only to be reformed in December of the same year with a complete new line-up: Berka, Peter Bischof (ex-Orange Peel, lead vocals), Richard Palmer-James (ex-Supertramp, ex-King Crimson lyricist, guitar& vocals, later with D.D.Sound, La Bionda) Jerzy Ziembrowski (bass), Veit Marvos (ex-2066 &Then, keyboards), Martin Harrison (percussion) and Bernd Knaak (drums). Bischof had a soul-ish voice, resulting in a merging of jazz, soul and funk rock, quite song-oriented and mainstream. The new line-up recorded two commercially oriented records 'Get out To the Country' (1973) and 'No Compromise' (1974), the last again with a changed line-up. Afterwards the band folded for good. 2) Emergency is a alternative metal band formed in Moscow, RU in 2007. Dmitry "Ima" Kostiuk used to be a vocal from 2007 to 2008. Current vocal is John <?>. Other members include Paul "homsteR" Rojkov (solo guitar), Maxim "Maloy" Cheishvile (drums), Vitali "Chek" Checkin (rhytm guitar), Alexander "Satan" Cyruk (bass). 3) Now defunkt post-punk group from Portland, Oregon who was active between 1997 and 2001. Members included Ethan Swan (currently in Silk Flowers), Paul Dickow, Ben Lund, and Amy Heneveld (of the under-exposed and totally amazing Meltdown). All of their recorded output was released on vinyl only, including a split 7" with Lovesick, split 12" with Numbers, and full LP "The Less I Know." Seemingly influenced by the late 70's New York No Wave scene, their sound is a mix of discordant guitars, sparse bass lines, and danceable yet spastic drumming with spoken/shouted vocals. Members of the band ran a small, vinyl only record label named Archigramophone. 4) Emergency is a band which formed in November 2008 and is located in Depok, West Java, Indonesia. The members are Tashia in vocal, Ikku in guitar, Tulit in bass and Agoy in drums Emergency plays Pop music, actually more to Alternative Pop. Emergency performs many kinds of music, starting from cheerful pop, mellow pop or pop with a bit of rock and gothic in it. Even if Emergency is a new band, Emergency got the award of 'The best performance' in a music creation event to welcome 2009 (Cirendeu, Ciputat) and Emergency got to Top Ten in Parahyangan Indie Band Festival. 5) EMERGENCY - Oi/Streetpunk trio from Vancouver, Canada Emergency formed in 2002 in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Back then the band went under the name of The Racket which they only used for the first half dozen gigs. The original line-up was Fergus on vocals, Nick on guitar, Mike on bass and Will on drums. Fergus was founding member of Scottish Punk/Oi! band The Strike. Nick and Mike were both members of Canada’s Subway Thugs, in which Mike played guitar and Nick played drums. Will was the newcomer. The band gigged locally for a number of months and eventually recorded some demos. The first demo didn’t really capture the sound the band was after. However, two songs, (“Media Control” and “Johnny”) ended up on a Canadian Streetpunk compilation called “Mayday”. After some intense songwriting and rehearsing a second demo was cut. This time round the band was getting closer to the sound they wanted but the demo was flawed as the recording was pretty awful and no amount of spit and polish during the final mix could save it. One song from this session (“Bombs Still Ticking”) appeared on the TKO sampler “Punch Drunk 5”. Shortly after this recording Mike left the band to relocate in New York. By the way, Mike runs Longshot Music which he now runs out of New York. Instead of looking for a new bass player, Fergus took over the bass and Emergency became a 3 piece. After recording some more demos the lads were ready to record their first full-length album. A deal was struck with England’s Step-1 Music and recording of the album “1234” commenced. Over six days in the summer of 2004 Emergency thrashed out 12 slices of classic Punk/Oi!. The band’s philosophy was simple, make an album full of songs that people could sing along with, and the best way to do that is keep it simple and keep it powerful. It should be noted that the album was recorded entirely in analog. It was recorded on 16 track tape through an analog mixing desk, and only analog effects were used. The band was very serious about capturing a classic Punk/Oi! sound, so digital recording was not an option. The recording only became digital when it was dumped onto computer to be mastered for CD. It was always Emergency’s intention to have the album released on vinyl and now it is. “1234” is for want of a better phrase classic “old school” Punk/Oi!. From the piss n’ vinegar of the album opener “What You Gonna Do” to the drum driven explosion of “Your Society”, Emergency deliver 12 blistering sing along Punk Rock classics. Are you ready? 1234! 6) Punk band Emergency was born in Manchester, 1982, rising from the ashes of The Hoax with the line up Dennis 'The Oi' Matthews (vocals), Chris Corvette (bass), Flannel (drums), Aky (guitar). Current line-up consists of: Dennis 'The Oi' Matthews (lead vocals), Chris Corvette (bass, backing vocals), Albert Awful (Guitar, backing vocals), Bill Gaynor (Rythmn Guitar), Tommy Couch (drums). Official website: http://www.punkdomain.com/emergency/start.html 7) A Paris-based free jazz group with an international lineup consisting of American saxophonist/frontman Glenn Spearman, American bassist Bob Reid, Japanese pianist Takashi Kako, French electric guitarist Boulou Ferre, and Japanese drummer Sabu Toyozumi. They released one recording, a live set entitled Homage To Peace, on the Parisian label America Records. 8) Switerzland Hard Rock Band , they have one release .. called Boys Will Be Boys (1991) Last Line Up : Tommy Patrick : Keyboard Angi Schiliro Pierre Borden : Guitar Ronny O'Riot : Drums Jose Antonio Manzano : Vocals Tigres,Niagara,Banzai,Manzano,Streetgods Andy C. Vale : Bass

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