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There are two bands called Emerson: 1) Emerson was a Buffalo-based melodic post-hardcore/indie rock band that formed in 2000 before breaking up in 2002. The band released two EPs - the now out-of-print "Greyline EP" and their final recording, "The Fine Art Of Saying Goodbye". The band's influences include Mineral, Penfold and Sunny Day Real Estate. Guitarist Chase Middaugh went on to join Buffalo band Clearmotive before working on his own music project - Novelist. He currently plays bass for London vs New York and has a solo project known as mutus liber. Emerson's lead singer Adam Hino is currently working on his own new material. The other band members are, to this writer's best knowledge, no longer in the music industry. Despite breaking up nearly half a decade ago, Emerson's music is still reaching new corners of the word due to the power of the internet, and the band is still remembered with fondness. Having once played with the likes of Thursday, many people feel that the break-up of Emerson came at a time when they could have gone on to achieve bigger and better things. 2 ) Emerson is a two piece indie pop band, based in New Castle, NSW, and have been together since June 2009. They recorded the debut (self-titled EP) in September 2009. The members are Daniel Jones - Vocals / Guitar | Ezekiel Kigbo Jnr - Guitar. Emerson on MySpace 3) L.As. Records Co. Artiste. The recorded one single of electronic disco titled 'Sending All My Love Out' in 1988.

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