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“She’s part Lady Gaga, part Amy Lee from Evanescence and half-way through the interview she busted out in song and proved to me that she was all voice.” – Keltie Colleen, The Insider Emii (Emily Rose Morrison) was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but moved to Ohio with her family during times of hardship. She always knew that she wanted to be an entertainer. Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, Emii was a small-town girl with humble beginnings and big dreams. Community theater was like a second home to her, and she wrote songs and took the stage whenever and wherever she could. The second she turned 18, she took the Greyhound bus to New York City to pursue her dreams in the Big Apple with barely a penny in her pocket. “It’s safe to say my parents weren’t particularly thrilled with that decision,” she says. “But I knew what I had to do.” While Emii worked in NYC comic book stores and photography studios by day, she would perform, write, and record in the studio by night. She recounts, “I’d work from 8AM until 5PM and then go straight to the studio. By the time a song was finished in the early morning, it was just about time for me to go back to work again.” She recorded with different producers, auditioned for television shows and theater, frequented open mic nights, fronted bands, and worked to perfect her craft, day-in and day-out. “I was relentless,” she says, “but although it seems I never rested, I would set aside a little time every day to mentally balance myself.” She states that training in martial arts was her way of relaxing, and helped her maintain her focus. When she needed an escape, she took comfort in the world of science fiction and comic books. She often states that the fantastic stories she read continually inspired her to keep going, despite the adversity she experienced. After a few years of struggling as a “starving artist’, Emii finally met with an independent label that supported her vision and would ultimately change her life. It was then that she moved to Los Angeles, California to work with Slippery Eel Productions. Emii’s first hit music single, “Magic”, was the #1 Most Viewed music-related video Worldwide on the day it hit YouTube. Her collaboration with Snoop Dogg on her song “Mr. Romeo” hit #13 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Chart, and her controversial follow-up single “Stilettos” was in heavy rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio’s 20 on 20 channel in addition to many radio stationsnationwide. At the dawn of 2013, Emii signed with theatrical agent Media Artists Group and had just concluded filming her lead role in two sci-fi feature films, showcasing her martial arts prowess and seasoned acting abilities. She has captivated audiences in major venues and dance clubs around the world, sharing stages with the likes of Flo Rida, Iyaz, Inna, Robin S., and Mia Martina. Having been featured in Billboard Magazine, MTV Buzzworthy, Rolling Stone Magazine (Middle East), Inked Magazine, The Insider, MTV’s LOGO On Demand, Vibe, VH1′s Pop-Up Video (and many more), it is clear that Emii’s star is rising.

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