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Emil biography

There are several artists with the name Emil 1) Emil was a lo-fi jangle pop band from Brighton and released the S.St..Stammer cassette in 1987 on legendary indie label Bi-Joopiter as well as some tracks on compilations like Something's Burning In Paradise and Corrupt Postman. 2) East London vocalist and multi-instrumentalist EMiL is just that little bit different. His exuberant leftfield pop wiggles free of easy categorisation; snippets of upbeat soul, electro-pop, funk and crossover R&B are weaved together to create something enticingly recognisable and refreshingly original. 3) Slovak hip-hop DJ and producer from Bratislava, known mostly from duo Prezident Lourajder. He is also part of deejays combo Emonoizboiz, or the half of the project called Daily Habits. Raw sound of old vinyl records cooked in MPC-pot refers to a golden era of 90's.

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