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The correct spelling for this artist is Емил Димитров. Please vote for the correction on the website and update your tags. Emil Dimitrov (December 23, 1940, Pleven - March 30, 2005, Sofia) was a popular Bulgarian singer. He made his debut in 1960 and recorded about 30 albums altogether. In the 60s Lili Ivanova and Emil Dimitrov were the most popular singers of modern songs. During the last years of his life he exhibited a talent for drawing as well. Lead european record companies make contracts with him in the 70’s. He’s been on stage along with Gianni Morandi, Ricchi e poveri, Joseph Kobzon, Alla Pugacheva. In 2001 the director Stilyan Ivanov makes a movie about Emil Dimotrov. In the movie there are interview with the singer and also stories about his family, Alla Pugacheva, Mitko Shterev, Iordanka Hristova, Riton and many more friends and celebrities who were close to him. He has sold more than 55 000 000 plates all over the world.

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