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Everything began back in 2000 when Emil got into radio. Passionate about button-made music and everything in its regard, Emil didn't wait for long before starting to produce tracks, jingles and PR music. In 2001, his story begins at Radio Minisat (Targoviste) with the show "Dj Mail In The Mix" - a show which soon became an important factor in the radio schedule. Spring 2002, he comes into contact with Pub Groove which plays an essential role for him. After many residencies, including Club Fly, K's Club and various parties, Emil is considered a strong DJ. During this time he began producing, which were a hit at the parties where he DJed. During the summer of 2006, an invitation to the Escape club lands him a residency - a place now considered home where he met many friends. MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/emillassaria

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