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There are at least three artists that are professionally known as "Emilia:" 1. Hanna Emilia Rydberg, a pop singer from Sweden 2. Emilia Valeva (Емилия Вълева), a pop-folk singer from Bulgaria 3. Emilia was the stagename of a finnish pop singer in the 80's. 1. Emilia (Hanna Emilia Rydberg) is a Swedish pop singer. She was born on January 5, 1978 in Stockholm. Her father is Ethiopian and her mother is Swedish. Emilia went on Adolf Fredriks music school in Stockholm and was the singer in an acid jazz band during gymnasium times. The producer Lasse Andersson discovered her and together they wrote all the songs on her first album. She had a big hit with the ballad Big Big World 1998. This song was a great hit across the whole Europe: #1 in charts of Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany; #2 in France, #5 in UK. Emilia's first album was released by Universal. The second album did not have the same success as the first, which suddenly had made Emilia a famous singer. She lived particularly within Berlin for several years. There she met the Danes Jesper Wennick and Anders Haarder, who produced her third album, where she sings in English. She resumed her music career in 2006 and released at the end of the year, a single in Swedish, Var minut (Every minute) which reached number two in single charts. She also released the album Small words of love, 18 april 2007. 2. Bulgarian pop-folk singer Emilia Valeva (Емилия Вълева) was born March 21, 1982 and is on the Payner label. 3. Finnish pop singer most known for the finnish cover versions of some of the italodisco anthems at the time, for example "Satan in Love" by La Bellini in 1978. She released one self-titled studio album in 1982.

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