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As a native of New Orleans, EMILIA SOSA was immersed in a culture of creativity and inspired by its diversity. Growing up in the music scene, she learned all she could from her musician friends. After backpacking solo around the world for three years, she settled back down in her native town to launch her music career and spent a couple of years singing in different rock bands. EMILIA continues, “I started going to live shows at 14 and spending all my money on music, while most of the other girls worried about clothes and makeup. I loved the music that came out of the late ‘60s, with its clarity of vision and hope for humanity. I also loved the angst of the music in the local scene I was a part of…and the Doc Martens, mosh pits, and psychedelic overtones. I discovered writing poetry as a way to express myself, and have since filled hundreds of notebooks and journals. After graduating, I did what kids are supposed to do and I went to college for four years without a clue as to what I wanted to do. Luckily my roommates offered a wealth of musical information and I was introduced to many artists - including the artist who has inspired me above all others: Peter Gabriel. I also discovered the rave scene and I was finally exposed to electronica…Massive Attack, Portishead, and Morcheeba, as well as many great DJs.” EMILIA then traveled for a few years: six months of backpacking in Australia on her own, exploring caves, camping in the desert, climbing mountains, surfing, horseback riding…even learning how to firedance. Then she spent two months in India, spending time in Dharmasala where the Dali Lama now lives and serving at a vipassana meditation retreat. After all the traveling, EMILIA returned to New Orleans, and decided it was time for her to do what she had always dreamed of doing…creating and performing music. Soon after signing her to a record deal, 5 Points put EMILIA together with producer tj Rehmi from Real World Music in England, and they began work on Rhythm of Life. However, the timeline for the album was interrupted when Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans and destroyed everything EMILIA had. Her home was flooded by ten feet of water, and all her possessions were left soaked in an oil-drenched sludge. After Katrina, EMILIA relocated to Seattle to focus on her music.

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