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Rising through the ranks to become one of New York’s most talented and recognized artists is no easy task, and Emilio Rojas has done just that. With witty flows, potent lyrics, and vicious rhyme schemes, Emilio has earned the respect of his peers, and a reputation as someone who shines in today’s competitive Hip-Hop environment. Confident, classy, and intelligent, Emilio finds balance between that cockiness and consciousness, with an awareness of who he is, where he’s from, and the larger issues at hand. It is this ability to maintain a rigid individualism coupled with a broader understanding that makes Emilio stand out. It is his commitment, passion, and dedication to his craft that drives his success. Born to an American mother and a Venezuelan father in 1984, Emilio began his life in Rochester, New York, where he was introduced to music by his father at an early age. Right from the start, Emilio displayed an aptitude and interest for music, singing songs and playing guitar alongside his father. Emilio’s enthusiasm for music continued throughout his childhood, listening to everything from Hip-Hop to Jazz, playing the drums, and developing his ear for rhythm and sounds. Life would soon throw Emilio for a loop however, when at age 10 Emilio’s father left home and returned to Venezuela, leaving Emilio and his family to fend for themselves. It is this experience that propelled Emilio to write his first rhyme, and would later provide the backdrop for Emilio’s most serious and heartfelt music. At age 18, after receiving positive responses at local open-mic’s and competitions, Hip-Hop began to take on a new form for Emilio. It was no longer just a hobby or a pastime, but a legitimate means to an end, and a potential future. While attending the University of Rochester on an academic scholarship, Emilio began making a name for himself on the college scene by performing at campus events and parties, and even opening for national acts at the school. When it became clear there was only so much he could do as a student, Emilio made the tough decision to drop out of school. He then decided to focus exclusively on his music and becoming a better artist. In 2004 Emilio received his first break when his group, Phocus’, record was licensed by Handcuts/Universal (Japan) for an overseas release. The album was successful, and after some brief international touring Emilio returned home to Rochester, ready to get back to work and advance his now blossoming career. Emilio’s life changed drastically in 2005 when he was contacted by hometown friend DJ Ease about moving to Brooklyn. With no clear cut plan in mind, no job, and no money saved, Emilio did the only sensible thing: he packed his things and moved to the city by the weekend. It was in New York City where Emilio really began to develop his identity as an artist. After linking with producers IllMind and MPhazes, Emilio, for the first time, began creating music with a sound capable of enhancing both his silky smooth flow and sharp, penetrating lyrics. In 2006 Emilio released “A Breath of Fresh Air”, an extremely well received mixtape, which for many, put him on the map as a rising young star in New York’s Hip-Hop scene. In 2007 Emilio once again took to the road and toured Europe. Then again in early 2008 Emilio had the distinction of touring in his father’s home country, Venezuela, as the headlining act. Emilio has opened up for legendary artists such AZ, Pharoahe Monch, OC, Royce Da 5’9, Keith Murray, and The Roots, as well as up and coming artists like Joell Ortiz, Ron Browz, and the Gym Class Heroes. He is also a mainstay feature on all major Hip-Hop websites and blogs (Hiphopdx.com, Nahright.com, OnSmash.com, 2dopeboyz.com, OkayPlayer.com, Worldstarhiphop.com, etc.). Emilio Rojas has shown he can not only write, rhyme, and spit with the best of them, but he also makes undeniable music. With a style unlike any other, he continues to make headway in the world of Hip-Hop, always sure to let his talent and ability shine through. Never settling for mediocrity and always striving for perfection, Emilio has evolved into a world class artist. With all the skill and vision, there is only one direction for this young MC to go...and the future looks promising.

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