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There are multiple bands that go by the name "Emily." 1) Emily Nguyen Real name: Nguyễn Hương Ly Date of birth: Octorber 18, 1989 Age: 24 A Hiphop/ R&B singer, composer from vietnam Miss Audition 2007 Record Label Ladykillah Production JUSS Record fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/fc.emilyvn ----------------------------------- Tên: Nguyễn hương ly ngày sinh: 18 tháng mười 1989 tuổi: 24 Là một ca sĩ hiphop, R&B, nhạc sĩ của việt nam Giải nhất Miss Audition 2007, cô nổi lên với vị trí một ca sĩ tự do sau khi kết thúc cuộc thi Hãng thu âm Ladykillah Production JUSS record Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/fc.emilyvn 2) An 80s indie pop band that released one EP on Creation, several LPs, and appeared on multiple compilations. Among the most popular Emily songs on last.fm Reflect On Rye, What The Fool Said, Mad Dogs, Merri Go Round, Foxy, Stumble, Boxing Day Blues and Waiting For A Letter are by this Emily. A complete discography can be found on TweeNet 3) A 5 piece pop/punk band from Dublin, Ireland who released their debut single "Dear Temptaion" on September 22nd 2006. 4) A now defunct emo band from South Bend, Indiana that went by the name emiLy. The band was made up of three Notre Dame students: Joe Cannon, Doug McEachern and Mike Larmoyeux. They played together from February 1993 until June 1996. They were influenced by bands such as Fugazi, Slint, and Drive Like Jehu. 5) Emily is a [tag[Dutch[/tag] female singer who has recorded 5 songs at the age of 13 (1997). She has covered 4 songs and recorded one song that her father wrote for her. 6) Emily was also the stage name of a German children's music performer. Born in 1996, this Emily sang in German on her 2007 debut album, "Emilys Welt". 7) Denisa Petríková from Slovakia performs under the name Emily, too. As noted in the shoutbox, bands in Latvia and Taiwan may all be using this name.

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