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E.simoni biography

Violin andPiano Lessons. At the age of 14 he learnedFlute. The flute was next to the piano his main instrument at the State Music School inKing Hut (Chorzow), Upper Silesia. By chance, he came to the Panflute from whom he was immediately intrigued, and heautodidactic learned. Thus, he has a distinctiveSound created. With this instrument he made numerous recordings. His first album earned him aGold plate A. Meanwhile, several of his albums with gold and platinum awards. Edward Simoni 1991 was the first instrumentalist to the history of this program in theZDFHit parade-inBerlin hosted and attended with his own compositionPan-Träume twice square 1 It belongs alongsideGheorghe Zamfir the most successful Panflötisten the world. They call him theMagician of PanfluteAnd he is always in different television programs at home and abroad. He is also a sought-after live-musician and, therefore, like to tour and gala events to hear where his audience not only on the panpipe, but also on the flute and the violin, delighted. Since his childhood Edward Simoni is fascinated by the churchesorgel, Making him - as a faithful people - to move his Panflutes game from time to time on the occasion of the church to present concerts. Other artists, such as the globally successful bandleaderJames LastAppreciate the good cooperation with Edward Simoni. In addition to James Edward Simoni load has already won many international artists together, including with the RussianHarpist Tatjana Seyffert andFrancisco Araiza from Mexico, one of the greatest tenors of the present one. The music is the Edward SimonisEasy Listening andE, U and F-Music assigned. Generally, however, his musical development of theClassical andRockmusik influence, making him a broad musical spectrum is what theRomance to the melodicTechno last. To Edward Simonis styles, his musical creativity, the not inconsiderable influence, include British QuerflötistIan Anderson (Jethro Tull), The American violinistJerry Goodman, CzechKeyboarder Jan Hammer and the Greek keyboardistVangelis. In addition, Edward Simoni since early youth by the extraordinary Polish cult band"The Red Guitar" (Czerwone Gitary) musical inspiration, especially from the melodic compositions bySeweryn Krajewski

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