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Eternal September formed in 1993 in Pajala, when guitarist Mancomb Seepgood met Bernard Bernoulli while he was doing a job talk for teaching plumbing in a primary school. The two recruited the vocalist Stephen "Discipline" Hills , who had played with Seepgood in another band known as " My Lovely Prince". Drummer Hoagie was recruited when he met Bernoulli delivering a pizza. Rumor has it the band was originally known as "Love Me, Love Me, Love Me", after the 1987 movie of the same name. However, when Seepgood was asked "How did you come up with the name "Love Me, Love Me, Love Me"? He responded "We never did; it's a myth to this day." On Saint Patrick's Day in 1995, Eternal September won a talent show in Stockholm. The prize consisted of 5 tickets for the Shania Twain concert of the next week. They obviously won and there was a lot of talking about the 5th person to take with them. The choice was Purple Tentacle, an old friend of Mancomb and accidentally Hoagie's colleague at the " Bakken Owls Breeding Farm". “ We couldn't believe it. I was completely shocked. We weren't of an age to go out partying as such but I don't think anyone slept that night....Really, it was just a great affirmation to win that competition, even though I've no idea how good we were or what the competition was really like. But to win at that point was incredibly important for morale and everyone's belief in the whole project. " — Stephen on winning the tickets But the band didn't know what the fate decided for them... The night of the concert a terrible misfortune happened, while Mancomb was going to get some take-away-tofu to eat waiting the start of the show, the Shania twain tourbus arrived and hit Mancomb. It was a tragedy and obviously the show was cancelled, but the feeling was that it didn't happen accidentally, and there are still a lot of shadows about what happened exactly. Purple Tentacle was the first person to help Mancomb and a witness says that the Mancomb last words were "..revenge me and the metal..." From that night Purple Tentacle joined the band and now they're here to revenge Mancomb's Holy Soul.

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