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Eurobeat Brony is an artist pseudonym/'stage name' of Odyssey, a published Eurobeat Artist out of California. Also know as Ken Blast of Avex's "Super Eurobeat" compilations and T. Stebbins or Odyssey Music ( in independent compilations, his music is mostly high energy Dance Eurobeat with occasional reflective instrumental and vocal compositions. His work under "Eurobeat Brony" is exclusively Eurobeat-styled. Performing as composer, singer, and instrumentalist, a consistent style emerges with influences from Dave Rodgers, Laurent Newfield, Mike Oldfield, Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman, Kraftwerk, Steven Curtis Chapman, Kansas, Boston, Chicago, and other non-published innovators. Compositions may be found on Super Eurobeat Volumes 201, 209 and 217, and The Best Of Non-Stop Super Eurobeat 2010 (Avex), his own site for Odyssey Music , or on the Toho Eurobeat volumes (A-One Music).

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