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There are two artists by this name: 1. A heavy metal band from Arizona, United States 2. A rock band from Zagreb, Croatia 1. The band is based out of Arizona; the five guys live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and Mesa. F5 mission is "to be heavy but always melodic". It all started in 2003. David Ellefson had worked with the singer, Dale Steele, as he produced some demo tracks for a band Dale was in Minnesota. David also was working a group that included guitar player Steve Conley & drummer Dave Small, they were in a group called Lifted in Phoenix. They all stayed in touch; and in early 2003 Dave Small asked David if he wanted to come over and do some jamming; just kind of three friends in a room: David, Steve & Dave. They did it, & within a couple of days they had already written almost half a dozen songs, like five or six songs. They demoed them up, sent those to Dale in Minneapolis, he sang on them, sent them back, & they just sounded amazing. So Dale moved down to Phoenix, where they continued to write; then they realized they needed to bring in another guitar player, & Steve knew John Davis. Within about three or four months time, F5 was formed. They started sending the music out to record companies, & initially JVC in Japan was the first record company to come on board. They continued to write almost 30 songs, & went in the studio in the spring (March or April) 2004, to record the album with producer Ryan Greene & Steve Smith as the executive producer. By early July the sessions were completed, they played a few concerts in Arizona & in California after that, the response was really good. The cd "A Drug for all Seasons" came out on JVC in Japan/Asia in July 2005. In August 2005 the cd came out on Mascot in Europe and finally in North America/ US on September 13th 2005. 2. F5 is a rock band combining an energetic, detailed sound with funky grooves, hypnotic atmosphere and high quality perormance standards. The band is related to the work of the band Fali V, founded in 1996. by Robert Nappholz and Pavo Tonković, and as the band continued with their work, they were joined by Ante Prgin, Marko Rukavina, Krunoslav Cvanciger, Borna Šercar, Aurelio Tullio, Vlaho Brešković, Mario Tarle, Ivor Plužarić and Ione Linné Montesdeoca. Current members of F5 are Nikolina Kovačević (vocals), Robert Nappholz (keyboards), Mirko Kolovrat (guitar), Jakov Kolega (bass) and Filip Hrelja (drums). Most of the songs from the upcoming album were written by the former vocalist, Ione Linné Montesdoca, a few by the current vocalist Nikolina Kovačević, and while most of the songs are performed in English, there are a few songs in Croatian and Spanish. Producer and the band's member Robert Nappholz was awarded with the discographic award Porin, most recognized music award in Croatia, for the production of album Idu Bugari by another Croatian ska band Kawasaki 3P in the year 2010. During the last 15 years the band is regularly praised for their powerful and energetic live shows.

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