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Sicilian Fab Samperi a.k.a. The Captain has played his eclectic sets all over the world. In summer 2010, Fab is releasing his first album Power Bossa with Agogo records, the label of such talents as Una Mas Trio, The Juju Orchestra and Mo`Horizons. While waiting for the full length album to be released, we’re excited about his first single. “In The River” will definitely appeal to the dancefloor music lovers as it carries incredibly addictive bluesy riff, uptempo beats and solid grooves. Bellissimo! One of the most eclectic new talents in the FUNKY BREAKS, and LATIN scene, The Captain aka Fab Samperi, has released singles for Afroart Records, Chinchin, Record Kicks, Resense, Goodgroove, Timewarp and AliB's Air Recordings. His Formula is very simple : one song, one hit. Many of his tracks gained international airplay throughout 2008 & 2009 and were well supported by programs like Craig Charles Radio show (BBC) Radio FUNKTRUST (TripleJ Australia), and the italian "Popcorner"(RADIO RAI 2). They were play-listed by DJs like Ursula 1000, Slim (Goodgroove) Paul Murphy, Smoove, Ali b, and Mo'Horizons to name a few. His single "We Will Rock You" has hit number 3 of the general Juno-Records chart for a whole week in November 2008, and was considered one of the strongest releases of the year. He's currently organizing Regrooved Italy in conjunction with Goodgroove Records UK..which is fast becoming one of the most popular events of the country. The DJ set is a sure bomb: "King of the bootlegs" or "Mash-up hero" (as he's often referred to), The Captain can set the dance-floor on fire at anytime with his own unique, funny and powerful edits: Live remixing is also his specialty. He has been playing all around the globe from Netherlands, to Japan, from Australia to Russia, and is always booked to more countries. The eagerly awaited album "POWER BOSSA" is set for release in April 2010, on Agogo Records, and it will soon become a classic.

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