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The Fabulous Poodles consisted of Tony De Meur on lead vocals and guitar, Richie Robertson on bass and vocals, Bobby Valentino on violin, mandolin and vocals, and Bryn Burrows on drums. Many of the lyrics for the bands songs were written by John Parsons. The band started out just as the Poodles before adding the "Fabulous" prefix, a term reportedly coined by Frank Zappa. (This may be apocryphal as Zappa name-checked the band in the lyrics to "Mudd Club," which appeared on the 1981 album "You Are What You Is.") The Fabulous Poodles were very heavily influenced by such British 60's acts as the Who and the Kinks. The band released three official records between 1977 and 1979 on Pye Records in the UK, their first being self named. It was produced by the Who's legendary bass player John Entwistle, who also played eight string bass on a few songs.[1] Their second LP, "Unsuitable," featured their two best known songs, "Mirror Star" and "Chicago Boxcar (Boston Back)." In 1979 the Fabulous Poodles' final album, "Think Pink" was recorded and released, the title being the only lyrics to one of the songs, "Pink City Twist." The Fabulous Poodles sold more records in the United States in 1979 than the Clash. In 1980 the Fabulous Poodles released their final single, "Stompin' on the Cat" b/w "Anna Rexia" and "Don't You Lie To Me." The band broke up in 1980. The Fabulous Poodles records were released by Epic in America and "Unsuitable" was entitled "Mirror Stars" in the states. There most well known song in the states, however, is probably "Bionic Man" from the "Think Pink" record which did recieve some FM radio airplay. In the late 1970's the Fabulous Poodles embarked on an American tour supporting such notable acts as The Ramones and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. They were not well recieved by most rock audiences. Lead singer Tony De Meur now performs solo under the name Ronnie Golden.

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