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Faces of March is an alternative pop-rock band from Miami, Florida, USA. FACES OF MARCH comes onto the Modern Rock scene out of Miami-Florida with a powerful new sound and their debut album titled Confessions. Familiar from the first listen, the recording from this Miami-based powerhouse packs a big sound that is immediately comfortable and yet refreshingly new. Searching for band mates and longing to take the stage, vocalist Gia and drummer Eli found each other scouring a bulletin board at a local music store. With music coursing through their veins and a deep desire to feed their creative-hungry souls - a partnership was formed. Rounding out the creative side of the outfit is producer and co-songwriter Paul Trust. No stranger to Rock production, Paul is responsible for albums from bands such as Endo, Crease, Diecast, and more. It is Trust’s production prowess that slaps the polish on Faces of March’s first release, Confessions. The songs are enveloped in Gia’s power-packed vocals - dark, breathy, sexy, edgy - sitting just a millimeter above the music. Her three and four-part harmonies wrap around each song in this theme based album - a musical reenactment of confessions told, feelings never shared, and emotionally charged dilemmas that simply get to the truth. Characterized by a high-end production style, the music contains a wall of multi-layered guitars (Joe), solid-grooving bass lines (Marcelo), simple-prominent drum lines (Eli), and Paul Trust’s masterful production; integrating Electronica elements with ear-pumping percussion, strings, and synthesizers. You could imagine Faces of March sharing the stage comfortably with the likes of Flyleaf, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, or Breaking Benjamin. But, Faces of March is fresh, new, original, yet comfortable and familiar. FACES OF MARCH is a modern rock band with mainstream edginess that captures and captivates its audiences from the first listen to the very last note.

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