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"Facto Delafé y Las Flores Azules" is group from Barcelona, Spain made up by Marc Barrachina “facto” (ex-Songstore), Oscar D’Aniello “delafé”, Helena Miquel “las flores azules” (the blue flowers). The project began in november 2002 and first studio recordings date back to july 2003. On may 2004 the son “Mar el poder del mar” is rated "song of the month in a radio show, from RNE Radio 3 presented by Julio Ruiz. Only on november 2005 their first album came out. It was called “vs el Monstruo de las Ramblas” (Music Bus). Their second album "en La Luz de la Mañana" is out on the market since October 9th 2007. Influences Surf Music hasta el Alternative Pop-Rock Soul Flaming Lips Beach Boys The Roots Dr. Octagon Yo La Tengo Serrat Marvin Gaye Sounds Like The songs from "Facto Delafé y Las Flores Azules" go from hip-hop to pop, and combine the singing style of hip-hop with melodies and structures closer to rock, pop, soul or electronic. The lyrics are closer to poetry then to the aggressiveness of hardcore. They are positive and critical at the same time and explore sensations not common on the Spanish musical scenario. "Facto Delafé y Las Flores Azules" is: Marc Barrachina “FACTO” (bases) Oscar D’Aniello “DELAFÉ” (voice and lyrics) Helena Miquel “LAS FLORES AZULES” (voice and choir) http://www.myspace.com/factodelafeylasfloresazules

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