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Factor6 biography

Factor6 is a chiptune musician from the Czech Republic. He uses mainly ZX Spectrum 128's AY 3-8912 sound chip, but also makes SID tunes (on the Commodore 64) & MOD files (on Amiga). He's made some chiptunes also for a classic Gameboy, Amstrad CPC, Atari XL/XE & Atari ST. He also composes 1-bit songs on the ZX Spectrum 48K. He is also a member of chiptune band Ay Riders (with Yerzmyey, TDM, C-Jeff, X-Agon & Gasman) & Atari ST band, 'YM Digital' (with Yerzmyey, see YM-Digital.i-Demo.Pl/music.html). In 2013 he released the album Hello World under a nickname Akio Tenshi. Many of Factor6's tunes are on his Soundcloud profile.

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