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At least six artists use the name Fade: 1. fade is a Japanese five-piece alternative rock band. Current line-up is as follow: Jonathan Underdown (Vocals), Kansei Miyaji (Guitars), 5° aka Shingo Terasawa (Guitars), noriyuki (Bass), rui (Drums). They performed the opening theme song "One Reason" for the 2011 TV animation series Deadman Wonderland. fade have worked with Jason Miller (gODHEAD), Markku Lappalainen (ex. Hoobastank), and Erik Gregory (programming engineer, credited in Linkin Park’s remix album Reanimation) and Ted Jensen (known for works by P.O.D., Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, TRAPT, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, etc) in the recordings. The band also shared stage with Keane, Nine Inch Nails and Limp Bizkit at ETPFEST 2009 held in Korea. myspace: http://www.myspace.com/fadedivision1 2. An industrial rock band from England formed in 2004. The band started out in the town of Bolton and then went onto playing famous venues such as Academy in Manchester. The band continue to tour growing a larger fan base every time. In 2007 the band were signed to a small independent label called Project 90 Degree. The singer, Daniel Wolstenholme, continues to promote the label. The rest of the band (Pete Bottomley, Russ Greenhalgh, Matthew Knight and Jared Thompson) put their effort not only into the band but into running of the label. 3. A progressive house/trance project from Chris Fortier and Neil Kolo, active through the 90s/early 00s. Responsible for a string of well known releases, such as Heaven To Heaven, So Good and their remix of Delerium - Silence. 4. Fade, a now defunct Death/Thrash band from the city of Vadodara in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Formed in 2006, Fade released a demo album and only album titled "The Demo", which was produced and released by the band on its own. Fade changed its name to The UnderGods and later split. The UnderGods are now known as The Rubber Band. International Metal Music magazine The Right Hand Path has review of "The Demo", probably the one and only review on the Internet 5. A Chinese-American lounge singer from China. 6. An Australian clog-dancing group, well-known around the Byron Bay area. They employ a cast of singers to accompany their dances, including such classics as "River Dance" and a "Greensleeves" techno remix. 7. Drum & bass producer & DJ from Kiev, Ukraine. Blending live percussion, deep bass and darkness Fade has rapidly moved into the Drum & Bass scene over a short period of time. With remarkably deep and atmospheric tunes, Fade has become a favored producer from musicians such as Ink, DJ Trace, Break, Triad, Gremlinz and many others. His tune have pulled airtime on many stations such as KISSFM Ukraine, BBC 1Xtra, Kane FM, Jungletrain.net and DNBTV just to name a few. He was recently signed to the prestigious label “Renegade Hardware” and has lined up releases on SoulRed Recordings, IM:Ltd, Demand, Ingredients, DSCI4, Alphacut, Inneractive, Architecture Recordings, and many others…a prodigious amount of music for one so fresh on the scene! Fade isn’t limited to just production. He is also a skilled DJ with bi-weekly live shows Friday from 19.30 till 21.00 (GMT) on www.jungletrain.net . https://soundcloud.com/fade 8. Emo band from Oklahoma. http://fadeokc.bandcamp.com/

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