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In Seinäjoki, Finland based Fadeout are self-described "Evolutionary Rock." The group's members are Marko Pajula, Ilkka Kivimäki, Teemu Salo, Jussi Lahtinen (formely Miss K) Topi Wiio and Jukka Uusitalo (both formely End7). Fadeout spin Global rural music into richly cinematic, experimental textures that contain a prominent streak of melancholy (and some 70's prog tendencies). The combo's first release was the five-song Ep-Keep Me On The Otherside, which emerged in 2008 in Viha Records release. The 2010 Ep-The Peasant was also released on Viha Records that boasted richer and more fleshed-out landscapes to underpin the vocals of key member Marko. Fadeout continued on recording 2010 their first full-lenght "To Protect Our Way Of Living" what got in the hands of producer Tim Palmer who ended up mixing the album. Fadeout is: Marco Pajula, vocals Ilkka Kivimäki, guitar Jukka Uusitalo, bass Jussi Lahtinen, drums Toby Wiio, guitar Teemu Salo, Keys www.fadeout.fi www.myspace.com/fadeout Contact: Band: band@fadeout.fi

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